Bequia is just seven square miles but is the largest  and most northerly of the St. Vincent Grenadines,  a chain
         of islands that trails south from the main island of St. Vincent like the tail of a kite. Bequia, Mustique, View of the HarbourCanouan,
Mayreau, Union Island and Petit St. Vincent are all, along
with a score of smaller islets, part of the country of St.
Vincent & the Grenadines which is independent, but still
part of the British Commonwealth.

Bequia's most notable feature is the large and inviting harbour
of Admiralty Bay which, since the seventeeth century, attract-
ed the navies of several European powers, and more recently
has exerted its charms on yachts and trading ships from around
the world. Gingerbread Hotel is located on the southeast shore
of the harbour on what is known as the Belmont Walkway.

Bequia Sweet, Sweet

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Bequia's climate is close to ideal. Too far south to suffer the onslaught of major hurricanes, cooled by the tradewinds for most of the year, with temperatures ranging from 25 to 33 degrees celsius (70 to 90 degrees fahrenheit), there is little difference in climate over the year. Very little rain falls from January  through April. Being a sea-oriented community cool, casual clothes are the norm.